Are you ready to be touched deeply by pleasure,

with a partner that fits in the palm of your hand?

Having pleasurable experiences in our bodies is a radical act now more than ever!

If you have been struggling to feel desire, arousal or just good in any way…. You are not alone. 

It was already hard to make pleasure a priority in a world that praises over-working, over-giving, and self-sacrifice…. especially in women.

And in the wake of Covid-19 our worlds are even more complex, many of us are navigating more intense emotions, responsibilities, and challenges, as lovers, caretakers, business owners, employees, and activists. Which can make feeling good in our bodies even more out of reach.

One of the most effective, nourishing, holistic balms to being overstretched, depleted, sleep deprived, anxious, or depressed is…… PLEASURE.

PLEASURE may feel like a luxury that’s a bit out of reach right now but….

PLEASURE, play, laughter, sensuality, and creativity return us to the healing functions of the parasympathetic nervous system; which helps us rest, digest, and enter meditative states.

This is why pleasure is practical! It is a necessary part of maintaining our mental, emotional, and sexual wellness.

Jade Eggstacy is a path to love, pleasure, and power, sourced from your wild & wise body. It is crafted to take you on an adventure within that leads to…..

💚increased love for your body and its intelligent design,

💚more emotionally connected, fulfilling sex, with or without a partner,

💚awakening parts of your sexuality

that you may not even know exist right now.

Are you ready to be delighted, nourished, and empowered 

by your wild & wise body?

Have You Ever Thought To Yourself…

“I want to love my body, but it would look so much better if I could just lose 10lbs…”

“I want to have ALL the kinds of orgasms I hear about other women having, but I can’t seem to feel much beyond my clit.”

“I sort of enjoy sex, I like being close to my partner, I just wish I didn’t feel so much pressure to come.”

“Honey, I haven’t had sex in so long, I’m not even sure stuff works down there...”

“Is it possible my vagina is broken? I have trouble getting wet, sometimes it hurts, what gives!”

“I’m not sure I’m into ‘getting in touch’ with all that down there… I kinda think vaginas are gross!”

Don’t Worry! You Are Not Alone… 

Most of the women I work with are dealing with one or more of these things. The problem is that so many women experience shame, insecurities, traumas, and physical pain that make it difficult to feel connected to their bodies in a pleasurable way, and almost impossible to experience transcendant orgasmic states.

But I want you to know, there’s nothing wrong with you.



Why Sex Is Missing The Mark

As much as we may want to love ourselves, love our partners, and experience the fullness of our sexuality, the obstacles and challenges we face to those experiences are real and complex. And the solutions lie within the natural wisdom in our bodies.

But when you don’t feel connected to your body, your sex, or your partner, it is not because something is wrong with you….

It is because your voice has been silenced or ignored… 

It is because you were told your value lies in giving yourself away…

It is because you have been shamed for touching yourself or feeling good...

It is because you have endured being poked and prodded in sensitive places…

It is because you have been told your emotions are too much but you are not enough…

It is because you have been judged for the shape of your body, the bark in your bite, and the freak in your closet.

In this post #MeToo era it has never been more clear how misunderstood and mis-treated female bodies and female sexuality have been throughout history.

Patriarchy has created a legacy of demonizing all things feminine.

And we have all inherited that damage through our religious, educational, and family systems.

It can be easy to ignore our precious pleasure parts, because they are often tied to pain, shame, discomfort, and even disgust.

image by @wyohphoto

But as women are reclaiming their power in all areas of life from the boardroom to the bedroom... we are waking up to desires that have not had permission to exist before now.

New language and conversations are emerging to talk about our bodies, our sexuality, and our relationships. We are demanding science and medicine prioritize women’s sexual health and anatomy. 

We want to know our bodies, love our bodies, and have the ultimate say about who has access to them, and what kind of treatment is OK.

We want to be as empowered in our sexual wellness and our relationships as we have fought to be in our careers and place in the world.

Sexual empowerment is about more than being multi-orgasmic or owning cool non-toxic sex toys… (which I whole-heartedly endorse)

It is also about re-claiming the innate power and sovereignty that lives in our authentic erotic expression. 

Your authentic erotic expression is a super power that...

Flows from the full spectrum of your colorful emotions…

From the bad-ass queen who rules with clear boundaries…

It flows from gracefully giving and receiving….

From voicing your needs and making requests, 

From the courage to surrender to the erotic life force pulsing through your core.



"Photo by Dainis Graveris on SexualAlpha"


The easy-to-follow virtual format includes instructive videos & audios that will build your knowledge and experience of your pleasure anatomy, and the Jade egg. Live support is also available though Q&A calls, a private group page and the option of adding private coaching.


Once you register you will receive your first module, with new ones arriving each week except for our ‘catch-up weeks’.

Each module is broken up into short, easy-to-follow videos & audios that include: an introduction to our theme that week, a warm-up practice, and a main practice, plus shorter practice suggestions for when you have less time.

There are 5 modules of practices, plus a week of introduction videos to help orient you to your egg and the course.


Support is available though live Q&A calls, private group pages and the option of adding private coaching. 

There’s a community of women on the same journey as you, you can share experiences and resources through private group pages on the course platform and Facebook. 

Monthly live Q&A calls are a place where you can ask me questions about your practice, the material, or what’s happening in your body/life related to the course. And if you are unable to attend live, you can post on our group pages or email me. And I will respond on the call.


You will have on-going access to all the content from course and the Q&A calls. And the added bonuses of enjoying updates and new information as it gets added over time.


We want only the best for your precious lady parts, so we source our eggs from a trusted Canadian distributor who backs their eggs with legit certification and you have the option of adding one to your purchase when you buy the course.


Meet your vagina’s new best friend.

You may be wondering how placing a gemstone inside your vagina could lead to transforming your sexuality and how you feel about your body….

This simple little egg contains a big secret that has been passed down through Taoist teachings for over 5000 years now.

What was understood in this ancient spiritual path,

that has been lost in our modern world, is the importance of cultivating your sexual energy.

Countless women have discovered Yoni Eggs as a powerful tool for awakening sexual energy, and restoring a sense of worth, beauty, and vitality to a woman’s body. 

While science has not yet turned its attention to study the benefits of a Yoni Egg practice, the shared collective experiences of women who have worked with these eggs consistently has created a pool of knowledge and information for us to keep building on.

And there are now several doctors, therapists, and female health practitioners that endorse these eggs, because of the real life benefits seen in women over time.

I like to work with Jade eggs in particular, which are the traditional stone used in Ancient China, where the practices originate. 

The Jade Egg is said to bring balance and harmony, and is capable of facilitating deep transformation for mind, body, and spirit; if we approach working with it with reverence and proper guidance.

I created the Jade Eggstacy program to share the wisdom and practices that have been passed to me through generations of teachers that came before me.

These practices are easy to learn, and similar to yoga in the way they use movement, breath, sensory awareness, visualization, and energy cultivation. And they are the secret to unlocking erotic experiences that can otherwise be hard to access.



We’ll lay the foundation for your Jade Egg practice. We’ll explore the core fundamentals that will help you ground in the skills needed for working with the Jade egg and your body to receive the most from your practice. We’ll cover stuff like how to charge your egg with love, how to work with breath, sensate-focus, and gentle movement to drop into a sensual space. The practices this week are balancing and grounding, and will help you become comfortable working with the egg.


We’ll work with your breasts and heart center, and begin to dissolve sneaky blocks to love. We’ll also work with how to ignite sexual energy in the pelvis with the help of your egg. As we work with how to cultivate both arousal and love at the same time, we deepen the connection between your heart and sex. This lays the ground for deepening in self-love, being the source of your own fulfillment, and brings a nice dose of oxytocin. Side effects may include a sense of happiness, peace, and well-being throughout the day.


Here we will learn how to build a sexual charge in the body, and also what to do with it once you are 'switched on'. The aliveness in your turn-on can be used to restore your energy if you are depleted; it can be used to heal traumas on an emotional and physical level; and it can liberate heavier emotions like sadness and grief. To feel more pleasure, we must give ourselves space to release trapped pain. The practices in this module will support the body in healing on a physical and emotional level, which will allow us to open to more heightened states of pleasure and orgasm.


Whether you’ve not had an orgasm, have them occasionally, or have no problem having them but want to explore a wider universe of what’s possible; the practices in this module will lay the ground in your body for expanding your orgasmic capacity no matter where you fall on the spectrum. We’ll dive into more advanced practice, that over time can lead to full body orgasm, cervical orgasms, and the kind of orgasmic energy that stays with you throughout the day.


We’ll learn how to cultivate strength, and power through your vagina while retaining a softness and relaxation in your body. These advanced practices lay the ground for weight-lifting with your vaginal muscles which helps build tone, a healthy pelvic floor, and lots energy in your sexual organs. Over time these practices will help your body generate and hold larger amounts of sexual charge aka power. They’ll also help you develop the kind of tone in your vagina that will can create more pleasure for you and your lover during intercourse.


Awaken Your Inner Lover:

A guided meditation to help you become a source for love. This simple meditation helps you begin to unravel the details of the love you have received, the love you missed receiving, and the love you have access to inside you.

Healing Our Sexual History:

A journal practice that will help you uncover how you have become the sexual being you are. This practice is great for illuminating what has shaped your sexuality, and bringing awareness to what may be holding you back sexually.


Similar to yoga you will feel some benefits right away, but for real change to take place consistency is needed.

All you have to do is engage with it, and the support we provide sincerely enough to receive the benefits some of which include...

💚More access to pleasure during sexual play and penetration 

💚Feel lighter, happier, and more at peace throughout your day

💚Know what your body needs to open into an orgasmic state

💚Fewer reactive emotions and healing old traumas 

💚More balanced hormones and less PMS 

💚A path to multiple kinds of orgasms without a partner

💚The potential for cervical and full-body orgasm 

💚Falling in love with your miraculous body exactly as it is

💚Feeling more confident about voicing your needs & desires

💚Learning to circulate your sexual energy for health & vitality


(5) orientation videos on your egg, your body, and how to use the course
(5) modules covering the basics all the way to more advanced practice
(30+) videos & audios of instruction and practice time
monthly q&a video calls, recordings will be made available
private facebook group for sharing
(1) Certified Nephrite Jade Egg (purchased separately)
20% Discount on private sessions (purchased separately)


Space for Love courses, classes, and coaching, are designed to be inclusive spaces. One of the ways we support this principle is through our equity pricing model. 

Equity pricing is about compassion, by giving individualized support to address certain social-economic barriers caused by systemic racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism, and other ‘isms & biases, with a special emphasis on communities that have historically been robbed or deprived of resources. Equity pricing helps to make valuable resources available to all.

By choosing the standard price you are supporting us as a small
business in covering our operational expenses.

By choosing the pay it forward price you are helping to support
other students facing barriers to paying the standard price.

By choosing the partial scholarship price you are receiving
assistance to help balance other inequities that make it a challenge
to pay the standard price.

This only works if you make an honest assessment of your actual means in the context of the whole. If you are able to meet all of your needs and those of anyone dependent on you without assistance, and are not paying off a large medical or student loan debt, please consider paying the standard or pay it forward pricing. 

There are also payment plans and a few full scholarship positions available for most of our curriculum as well, to apply for those please email us at [email protected].





Are you ready to dive into an adventure of

transformation and sexual awakening?

Add a private virtual coaching session or two, to your Jade Eggstacy journey for 20% off the normal rate of $175/ session. Email us at [email protected] to set this up. 

(sessions must occur within 6 months of your purchase.)


Hi, I’m Kamali… and I walk you through everything you need to know about creating your own jade egg practice with a community of other adventurous women taking the journey with you.

I’ve worked with hundreds of women around sexuality and their relationships with their body, and it’s become clear that there are core fundamentals we must all learn... on the way to loving the skin we are in and having mind-blowing orgasms.

The Jade Egg is a super fun way to lay that foundation. The structure I’ve created will help you gradually advance in your Jade Egg practice, at a pace that’s right for you.

My Jade Egg Experience

The Jade Egg practices introduced me to the pulsing, electric, wisdom that was waiting for me behind a wall of acquired shame and cultural taboos.

My first experience with jade eggs was in the jungles of Thailand… I know random!

The practices I learned as part of a month-long training were a major part of healing my heart, and birthing my new life… I still use these practices, and I can’t wait to share them with you in this course.

They helped me discover that there was a deeper relationship to develop with my pleasure anatomy. One where she was not just an object for pleasure, but a source of power and wisdom.

I’m passionate about helping people restore love, pleasure, and sensual connection in their bodies and relationships. 

And I guide this transformation through simple movement, meditation and self-awareness practices, which come from my knowledge of tantra, taoism, yoga, meditation, and energy work. 

Working with these practices and my guidance my students have healed from heartbreak, released shame & traumas,  learned how to have more regenerative relationships, and be empowered by their sexuality.

I’ve been blessed with some great teachers myself. Along the way I did my 200 YTT with Shivakali Yoga, my Tantra teacher training with Embody Tantra, and became a certified Sacred Feminine facilitator through Tao Tantric Arts and the Universal Tao. I’m also a trained Reiki Master, and current student of classical Tantric practice under the guidance of Nita Rubio. I believe in making this ancient wisdom available to our modern bodies in ways that are accessible and fun.

Real Women, Real Experiences

These are testimonials of women who have done the same or similar practices as those in the Jade Eggstacy program. Names have been omitted for those wishing to remain anonymous.

from disconnected to sensually radiant….

“I was experiencing a great deal of disconnection from my body, I was lethargic most of the day and had trouble feeling sensual. In my state of disconnection I felt like I lost the charm and beauty that at one point in time easily attracted men to me. After working with Kamali and actively practicing the home play exercises my energy shifted. I noticed an immediate difference.  While working with her I had several men flirt with me, and went out on two unexpected dates. The work we did together awakened me, allowing me to feel more in my body, and re-connect to my sensuality.”

- Shannon C.

I had my first full body orgasm!

“Not only did I finally experience a full body orgasm, but I learned how to be more vulnerable with my partner during intercourse, and to share what I needed in a way that I was able to orgasm for the first time ever.”

- Marie

The most empowering sexual experience I’ve ever had…

“My partner and I had the best sex we've ever had, after doing this work. It was like nothing I had ever experienced… I was shaking, like I was before I gave birth, with energy. With power. I understand now what they mean by having a spiritual experience. I understand I am the only thing that was in the way of feeling connected. I felt this enormous love, and those goosebumps I can only say I've experienced after a hard workout, just by learning to let my body lead me… and to follow pleasure, no matter what it looks like!”

- Brittany B.

I discovered the power in my womb…

“The potent power I felt from bringing attention to the energy within my womb and within my body, was the best thing I could have received. The deep sense of awareness that I discovered, the feminine that was unleashed... It was surprising to experience the energy and sexiness that is available within my own body through the simple act of focusing my attention and allowing.”

- Kelly M.


Q: Where do I buy my Jade Egg?

A: What you put in your vagina is super important to us:) So we’ve partnered with a distributor we trust to give you easy access to ordering a 100% Pure Nephrite Jade Egg! You can purchase one on the same page where you purchase our program. There’s a lot of eggs on the market made from sub-par materials that can be toxic to our bodies over time. The quality, density, and manufacturing of an egg matters. Even if you already own other Yoni Eggs, we recommend working with a certified jade one because the harmonizing benefits of the stone make it the best fit for the kind of work we will be doing. 

Q: What size egg should I purchase?

A: Yoni eggs generally come in Small, Medium, & Large…. unlike clothing they have nothing to do with your body size; but rather the egg size, which determines how easy, or challenging it will be to feel and hold the egg inside you. For most women M, tends to be a good size to work with, whether you are newer or more advanced. If you have recently birthed a child vaginally, or know you have weaker pelvic floor muscles, working with a large egg will make it easier to feel and squeeze the egg, but harder to hold it in for standing practices. Small eggs are for once you have developed your sensitivity and muscle tone for more refined practice, or if you have tighter vaginal muscles that make it harder to insert the egg.

Q: I already have an egg, do I need to buy another one?

A: The quality, density, and manufacturing of an egg matters, and we want only the best for your lady parts. There are eggs on the market made of materials that can be toxic to our bodies over time. So unless you are confident that your egg came from a trusted source, and is GIA certified, we recommend adding an egg to your course purchase even if you already own other Yoni Eggs, because we can stand by their quality. That said ultimately, it is totally your choice.

Q: Why Jade Eggs? What if I want to use another type of stone?

A: Eggs made from other natural stones like rose quartz or obsidian, each have their own energetic properties and benefits. We recommend working the Jade Egg for the harmonizing benefits of the Jade stone, which makes it a good fit for the kind of work we will be doing.  It is also one of the most dense and least porous of the natural stones which helps with durability, and cleanliness. And it won’t crack if submerged in hot water.

Q: Do I need a partner to do this course?

A: No. The beauty of this work is that it benefits you and your body first and foremost. Whether someone has a partner or not I often recommend that they approach this work on their own first. You will learn things that you could use with a partner and the ground you lay in your body will change what’s possible to experience with a partner; but you do not need one to enjoy the benefits.

Q: When can I start the course? How long does it go for?

A: The course officially begins right after you purchase it. You will begin to receive emails about how to access the course homepage with your login, and the first orientation videos to watch. And then each week we will email you the details of each new module and you will have on-going access to everything so you can advance at your own pace.

Q: How much time do I have to invest for this to work?

A: We recommend that you set aside about an hour each week to watch all the videos in the module. You can do this in one sitting or break it up. To receive the most benefit we also recommend setting an additional 10-30 min aside daily during the course to engage with the practices. If this is not possible, you’re welcome to adjust for what your schedule allows. We offer suggestions inside the course for how to weave this work into your daily life, which is how you will receive the most benefit from it.

Q: I’m new to all this, is it ok for beginners?

A: Yes! The instruction is simple enough that if you are new to all of it, you have all the guidance you need to go from newbie, to confident in your practice. There are also portions that can be used for more advanced practice once you build up the ability in your body.

Q: How long can I take to do the course?

A: Once you have your login, you’ll be able to access the course indefinitely. Periodically there may be upgrades to the material as it is offered over time. And you will have access to any new material as a perk of being an alumni.

Q: How do you insert & remove the egg?

A: I go over this and how to care for your egg in great detail inside the course.

Q: Do you have a discount available or offer scholarships?

A: Our equity pricing model is designed to make this information available to more people with fewer financial barriers, those options are available on the payment page. Full scholarships are available on a limited basis, and require an application to apply. If you are in need of a full scholarship please email us with Jade Eggstacy Scholarship in the subject line and we can help you determine if aid is possible: [email protected].


The Information contained here is intended for educational purposes only. It does not constitute medical advice, nor is it a substitute for medical advice. If dealing with any health problems or disease please consult a physician, holistic/naturopathic practitioner or other healthcare professional for diagnosis and treatment of your health issue. None of this information has been evaluated or approved by the FDA.