PAY IT FORWARD: By choosing the pay it forward price you are helping to support other students facing barriers to paying the standard price.
STANDARD: By choosing the standard price you are supporting us as a small business in covering our operational expenses.
PARTIAL SCHOLARSHIP: By choosing the partial scholarship price you are receiving assistance to help balance other inequities that make it a challenge to pay the standard price.


Once you receive login information to the Jade Eggstacy program your purchase is final and a refund cannot be issued. If you have made an accidental purchase and contact us within 24hrs, we will be able to assist you with a refund minus any processing fees. Purchases of Eggs are through a separate vendor and cannot be refunded once your order has been processed and shipped. If you need more assistance determining if your purchase is eligible for a refund please email [email protected]  with a note of explanation about what product or service you purchased and why a refund is being requested.